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Krishnarjun Bhattacharya

Author, Filmmaker, Storyteller

Author of The Tantric Trilogy








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Krishnarjun Bhattacharya is a storyteller, film-maker, and game designer. He’s a graduate in Film and Video Communication from the National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad, and a post Graduate in Video Editing from the Film and Television Institute of India, Pune. 


A recipient of the Inlaks FTII Award and the Lalit Kala Scholarship for Best Photography, he’s also designed three experiential storytelling games for international residencies.

He often wanders the country on storytelling tours, a session called Stories of the Supernatural.     


An absolute lover of the dark and grotesque, he believes that stories can change the world, especially the ones lost to us. An ardent worshipper of Cthulhu and always on the lookout for potential cultists, he’s currently in negotiations with the thing under his bed. He lives and works in Mumbai.

The Storytelling


Stories are vessels of history, carrying human imaginations from the past. The act of telling a story is an act of sharing this history and keeping it alive for generations.

Krishnarjun believes that ghost stories are dying, and this session 

is part of his ongoing attempt to rekindle this oral tradition, to remember the reason why these accounts are handed down in the first place, of why they must still breathe in an age of smartphones and city lights.

Among the many tales that the loremaster keeps in his collection, there are some that he keeps hidden, only to be brandished in the choicest of companies. When the last light of the day has ebbed away into the silken dark, and a lone dog howls at the inky sky, the Loremaster brings out Stories of the Supernatural; stories of the dead, stories of our ancestors, spirits, whispers in the dark, souls lost in limbo.

Tales to tingle down our spines, give us goose pimples, make us walk faster in desolate alleyways; tales to remind us that everything has a history, to be gently nudged into the open, and narrated with respect. 

Contact me for a storytelling session request!

The Game Design


Krishnarjun likes designing tabletop board/card games and performative immersive games.

So far he's designed three games, while he was a resident artist at Khoj International Artists Association, Delhi.

Mythos (2014) is a board/living card game, based on popular narratives within fantasy literature and urban legends, and has to do with myth and reality.

Amor Fati (2015) is a game installation based on pure storytelling and world building, creating entire universes and their rules.

An Old Lady Dies (2015) is an immersive experiential game based on storytelling and role playing; one that happens in a real life sized labyrinth.


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