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Tantrics of Old is dark fantasy, following a young Necromancer, a Tantric, Adri Sen, as he runs from an ancient Horseman, Death, in a city just as old.

Enter the two cities; New Kolkata, pristine, untouched, ruled by an iron fist by the perfect government, MYTH—a city existing in the shadow of the old one, and Old Kolkata, forgotten, broken, crumbling, where demons roam free and shadows whisper. 

In a world where death is sudden and quick in its tendency to not forgive, Adri must wade through threats new and old; political conspiracy, the demons of his past, a government that remembers, and above all, whispers of impending doom, the coming apocalypse, drums of the dead.


Horsemen of Old is the sequel to the dark fantasy novel Tantrics of Old and the second book in the Tantric Trilogy.


It follows Maya and Gray Ghosh as they traverse the Old Country, across the dystopian landscapes of the dangerous, forgotten Old Kolkata to the icy, unforgiving Frozen Bombay in an attempt to find the Keeper of Souls; pursued by the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, most prominently Death itself, Horsemen of Old is a fast paced second instalment of a desperate chase that questions life, death, and the souls caught in between.


Stories are told, legends are created as sorcerers, tantrics, soldiers of stone, beings of shadow, dwellers of the murk and vampiric monstrosities unfold from lore, bard’s songs and pages of books, revealing themselves as flesh, blood and bone.


‘Every story has always been true. Just hidden away’.

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Myths of Old is the third and final book in the Tantric Trilogy.


Myths of Old sings of a last stand, one final scramble, one mad dash before it all falls apart.

Resurrection has its disadvantages, and the lore in the old world has been much, much more than mere stories; and all stories will complete themselves.

Hunted still by the agents of the Apocalypse, with one mythical weapon seeming the key, there are those who must get the job done, without the luxury of being sung about as heroes. 

'Those of us that did not believe in fairy tales; they were the first to die’.

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Book no.2
Book no.3


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